Munyai Global Trading (Pty Ltd):Your partner in Import, Export and Logistical management

Munyai Freight Forwarders,a division of Munyai Global Trading (Pty Ltd), offers the following services;

  • Arrange delivery of goods to the selected carrier
  • Arrange insurance cover for the shipment
  • Book the cargo space needed for the goods 
  • Advise on the most suitable mode of transport for the goods 
  • Actas clearance agents, ensuring that customs regulations are adhered to and all taxes and duties are paid
  • Complete regulatory documents, and documents relating to transport 


About Us

We arrange transportation of goods via air, land, and sea and handle all documentation involved in the transport process; the logistics of customs and port clearances; and, if necessary, provide our clients with the warehousing of goods before they are shipped. We also consolidate shipments in order to gain favourable rates from shipping lines or airlines. 

Our extensive experience in international trade makes us familiar with the methods of shipping, export and import regulations, and foreign trade documentation required to export or import goods from or into a country. We also advise on the best IncotermsÒ during transportation of goods.

Most importantly,our services go a long way to ensuring that the goods reach their destination on time, and in the agreed-upon condition.

Connect with Us

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About the Chairman

Mr Thapelo Matsa was born in 1984 in South Africa. He studied at the University of the Witwatersrand where he graduated with an honors degree in International Relations and Political science. He also holds a certificate in Import, Export and logistical management with the University of Cape Town.

Mr Matsa joined the Foreign Service Institute in 2009 after which he become a fulltime employee at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation. He served at various directorates including Branch: African Union and Directorate: West and Central Africa

He was posted to South Sudan as Third Secretary Political for the period of two years (2015-2016) where he was responsible, amongst other things, for promotion of bilateral relations between South Africa and South Sudan and monitoring of political and economic development in the East Africa region.

He alsoserved as a Third Secretary Political at the South African High Commission in New Delhi responsible for BRICS, IORA, and IBSA. He was also responsible for economic diplomacy in Nepal and Bangladesh. Over the years, he has acquired vast knowledge and experience in the African and Asian markets.


+27 82 514 4970


Our Contact Details

Phone No: +27 82 514 4970